Water Academy SRD for Sustainable and Responsible Development – is born from a project that is as ambitious as it is to offer an inclusive opportunity for research, high education, qualified teaching and dissemination, through which to disseminate a new Water Culture internationally.“We are made of time and water, for this reason we are aware of the absolute value of water resources indispensable to any form of life on earth, and never as irresponsibly risked today.
With this initiative we intend to offer hic et nunc our contribution.
We firmly believe that everyone’s support is needed to reflect and reflect upon the adoption of new development models that are genuinely sustainable. “Because water, as it is known since classic antiquity, is the fundamental element that guarantees and regulates biological life on our planet, and only through its widespread access, its balanced and efficient management and its growing protection, allows the attainment of the minimum standards of living in our communities, below every latitude.Born in Switzerland by a project of Alessandro Leto, joined by important Founding Members, Water Academy SRD is deliberately structured in a flexible way, precisely to respond readily to the complex stresses that come from the world of high education, which from a different point of view can be attributed to the vast audience of our beneficiaries: businesses, governments, universities, research centers, NGOs, multilateral organizations. To carry out its activities, Water Academy SRD has the following organs:
And two specific associations set up to divulge and root, amongst the Stake Holders of reference, the flow of qualified information that is generated, the dissemination of their didactic and pedagogical activity and the benefits of their research activity:
See Professor Alessandro Leto's Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Water Academy SRD’s Scientific and Diplomatic Committee is composed of the following members:
Consistent with the Universal Principles enunciated in the Sustainable Development Goals, where it is fully recognized and inspired by its academic, research, higher education and qualitative dissemination activities, Water Academy SRD has chosen Europe for its principal place of business Switzerland, in spite of its tradition of Active Neutrality and Attention to Multiculturalism and Human Rights, essential values ​​for promoting a new Water Culture and a growing commitment to the formation of a new conscience: that of citizens of our planet. With the firm intention of dealing with various issues related to water and the protection of water resources at international level.Water Academy SRD operates from Switzerland all over the world: from its headquarters in Lugano and Geneva with regard to convention activity.
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